“Mommy No Like Me…..”

After a nice long weekend I knew it will be difficult to get Kay out of the bed today, especially she knows our workdays mean she has to go to the dayhome.  Most workdays she would pretend she is very tired and wanted to sleep in.  Sometimes if she is good, she will be out of bed by 715am but most times she woke up between 730am to 815am.  I have already moved Kay’s schedules with the dayhome from 730am to 8am and still I am paying the carer between 8am – 9am on weekdays for not having to care for her.   

The first thing Kay usually says when she wakes up is “Mommy, I don’t want to go to auntie’s”.  Most times, it takes some sweet talking or distractions before I could get her to finish her milk, change and get into the car.

Today is a little different though.  The carer has a dentist appointment in the morning so I have to send Kay over before 9am.  I usually don’t like the idea of the carer bringing the kids (Kay and her other friend that goes to the same dayhome) to the clinic but when I don’t have other options, I will have to agree to it.  Kay didn’t wake up until 825am today so I made arrangement with the carer to come pick her up by 9am.  There is no way I could get Kay ready and get her there within 35 minutes. The carer called around 850am and asked if she could pick Kay up after her dentist appointment.  I guess I don’t have a choice so I sucked it up and said yes.  The most happiest person was of course no other than Princess Kay.  She thought she doesn’t have to go to auntie’s today.

Between juggling my works and Kay, I let Kay watched some cartoons.  Then, we had yogurt and cereals so she could get a break from the TV. 

This is not Kay but the image is very close to the daily food mess we have to clean up. ;-S

Kay has this bad habit of playing with her food.  When she made a little mess by tossing her cereals on the floor, I said to her out of frustrations “Kay! You know mommy doesn’t like mess….if you do that again mommy is going to send you to auntie’s.”  The mess she made might be cute, but the cleaning up was awful and very time consuming.

Kay kept quiet for a few seconds, looked down at her cereals and she started mumbling to herself “mommy no like me….”

I was shocked to hear that because I have definitely never expected this to come from a 2-year old, my own daughter.  Abide I was upset and frustrated, I have to compose myself and change my tone by now.  I stopped the cleaning and reassured her that mommy loves her and mommy only doesn’t like the mess.  I think I repeated it couple of times while she looked down and finally turned to me and said “Mommy likes me.  I like mommy too!” 

Not sure how much she understands what I have said but I guess if she knows what “like” and “no (don’t) like” mean, she will understand “mommy loves you”.  

On this Monday morning, I am dealing with words like “like” and no like” from my 2-year old.  Very soon more ugly word like “hate” might come into the pictures and I pray that I will have the calmness and wisdom to carry out such conversations with my daughter.

Any advice from mommies out there?


3 thoughts on ““Mommy No Like Me…..”

  1. Hope there is buzzy that says “Tu!” when it comes to words like “hate” or the more atrocious ones. So that Kay will never learn or hear about it. 🙂
    Wishful thinking unless little children ears are stuffed with cotton wool 24 x 7!

  2. The “tu” would be nice to replace all the negative and obscene words. If only there would be such buzzer…life will be so much more harmonious. 😀

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