Happy Birthday Canada! (and my blog)

Happy Birthday Canada!!

Wow, can’t believe it has been a year since I started this blog.  I honestly have lost track of time until I wanted to write something about our Canada day and thought “Hmmm….am I having a Deja Vu moment?  I thought I have just written one?” 

Indeed I had blogged about it on July 2 last year, the second day I started this blog.  Feel free to click here if you are interested to read about it.

This year we continue to do what a typical Canadian does on the Canada Day. We went to the City Hall for events.   There were events at various locations around the City and we choose City Hall this year because City Hall is just right by the Chinatown, where the lion dance performance took place.  Also, we could conveniently parked our car, had lunch at Chinatown (always appreciate a good hearty Chinese meal) and then continue with the rest of the activities by foot. 

There were alot going on inside the City Hall building as well as the surrounding.  Cultural performance, face painting, arts and crafts, petting zoo, games, photo sessions, food and people dipping in the fountain and etc are all parts of the celebrations.

People in their patriotic ensembles. 😀

It was also pure fun watching people in their Canadian and bright red outfits, gadgets and the painting they have on them.  I was also hoping to get some free pancakes too.  Some locations do give out pancakes, unfortunately they don’t have them at City Hall.

Kate in a red hat. Red symbolize Canada's color which can be seen everywhere on the day of the celebration.

This year we have Will & Kate celebrating the Canada day with us too, at Ottawa.  Kate has put on this little red hat that went along with the theme. I think  I saw maple leaves on that hat too!

She was just elegant.

Fireworks and Edmonton City skyline

In the evening, we watched a movie at home and then watched fireworks from our nook, through our patio door, a wonderful way to end our day.  Though it will be even more exciting if I could write a post about it on the same day but tireness and forgetful took the better of me.

Looking back at my postings for the last one year, I find that I have subconciously made this blog a comfort place for myself.   A place where I rely on leaving my thoughts with no worry of judgement, a place where I trust in dealing with my emotional roller coaster rides when all else fail and a place that captured my first year experience and relocating to Canada.

I have comments about the nice header of my blog so I am under pressure now to find a better image for my blog's new look but I will be OK. Stay tuned for the revamped look now. 🙂

Moving forward, I hope my postings, and life in Canada, will get better and better…and maybe, just maybe, I will post a photo of myself in Kate’s red hat for the Canada Day next year. 😉

With that, this blog will be under renovation for the next couple of weeks. 

Make sure you come back for more of anything under my sky!!


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Canada! (and my blog)

  1. Wow… nice cake, did you buy it? or you just download it from the net?
    Merdeka Day is also around the corner……..you can probably guess what we do,haha!!
    Look forward on the new look for your blog…. yeah,you need a new name to go with too 🙂

    • Hi Pek, I just found the photo on the net but just to show you this is the extend Canadian would go for the celebration. Thanks for dropping in and stay tuned!

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