Ta Da!

Welcome back folks! Or should I say “Welcome to Over the Rainbow Under My Clear Blue Sky!” 🙂

You are the very first few that saw the revamp version of my blog.  So here is a little walkthrough of what I have done.

I have

  • updated my write up about this blog and me and if you read that you will figure out what “Old News” is;
  • changed the theme of my blog.  Not very different from the previous theme because I wanted to stick to something that has a wider view of my posts and an option for a header photo. (I really think all the space on the side is a waste but there is nothing much I can do about the layout really);
  • made minor changes to the widget;
  • selected a new range of default avatars for you;
  • treated myself an early birthday gift by upgrading the font, and last but not least
  • a new background and header photo of my new home with blue sky!   

While there will be more comestic updates on my blog, and there will be on going updates as I can see from now, I have decided I will open it to public today.

Hope you like what you see and read and feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment box.

Have a good weekend everyone and I hope the sky is as blue as it can be at your end!


8 thoughts on “Ta Da!

    • Hi Taste, glad you like my blog. Yes! That’s the roof of my new home. 🙂 Thanks for dropping in. Just to let you know I have been faithfully visiting your blog and have tried quite a couple of recipes like the tofu, the Singapore fried noodle, the drunken chicken, the winter melon soup is on my menu next. 🙂

    • Hi Jo, the sidebars are on the home page. I think they don’t show up on the post page….will do some studies and let you know. Thanks for being my faithful follower, so good to see you back here. 🙂

      • oh ya, it’s quite funny. Maybe it comes with the theme. I love side bars, can’t do without it. I look at it to know where I could go next!

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