Just last year around this time I was preparing to start my first job in Canada and was complaining about the cold weather.  Click here for my old post. 

We had a summer that felt like the winter and fall that almost non-existence and when I said non-existence I mean a season that didn’t feel or look like fall.  Not only it was extremely chilly, tree leaves hardly had the opportunity to look beautiful turning yellow, orange and red before they fell off.  Winter gears were already out by September.  

This year, however, is the total opposite of last year.  This year’s summer seems to be fairly long and moving into Fall tomorrow, our temperature is still above 20C which is at least 6 to 8C above the seasonal average.  I am definitely not complaining because it feels so good to still be able to walk around in T-shirt in the late afternoon. 

Look at our weather forecast and check out this Sunday.  The temperature is at a high of 27C and a sun-sun-sunny day!  What a great way to welcome fall eh?

…..and I am determined to be out with my camera this weekend snapping the colors of fall, so stay tuned!


6 thoughts on “Fall

  1. For us in this part of the world, fall is here since last week. Two weeks ago when I walked pass the garden, seeing the green leafs turning yellow, suddenly I fell so sad. I always thought I love autumn as I like the cooling weather and colourful leafs, but I guess I started to worry about winter! 😛 Last year we had the shortest autumn (and longest winter), it only lasts for 40+ days!

    Well, I guess I should start to enjoy autumn.. like you! Waiting for your photos!! 🙂

  2. Same like you this Autumn feels unusually hot! I’m still sweating on the road and at work. While I see people with scarf and long woollen overalls, I’m still with my usual work shirt and work jackets. I doubt if I’m feeling weird or people are just being overcautious. 🙂

    Come ya cold Winter! Bring it on! I’m waiting for my chocolates and vodka to keep me warm! LOL 😀 I love fall pictures too and I bet you can capture better ones in Canada.

  3. Look forward to see all the autumn photos from Canada, UK and Shanghai….
    Don’t think away ahead about the chill in winter… enjoy each transition period…..

  4. Hello ladies. It is finally feeling a little like fall this week. I just realised fall here is not as colorful as I wish. I am hoping to see more red among all the yellow and oranges but funny that there are only very few. I will post some photos anyway. Stay tuned. 🙂

  5. Oh mine. This is global warning!

    On a more serous note, I still don’t know how you can live in such a cold, cold town. Enjoy the warm weather! Yes, take some pictures 🙂

    • It is a warming that I don’t really mind but I know with an increase of just 1 or 2C in your country, it means alot. I’m afraid I have not been away to take nice and good pictures of the fall. I was expecting all the colorful leaves but they are more of yellow and orange, hardly see red…having said that I will upload some photos real soon…maybe include some for Halloween too. 😀

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