About Me & This Blog

Writing this page about myself is actually harder than I thought it would be.  I started this blog for a reason (read “Old News”).  It wasn’t all for a good reason but it wasn’t bad either.  I used this blog as an avenue to capture my thoughts, my feelings and my experience living (and cooking) under my mother in law’s roof during my first year in Canada, a year where I have seen the most beautiful and the ugliest and tasted the sweetest and most bitter of my life.  I might seemed like I knew exactly what I wanted but really I realised I was writing, and ranting, during a period when I was completely lost.

…..and fastforwarding it to exactly one year later, coming out of that shell, moved into my own home, being the tigress of my own kitchen (my husband actually let me sit at the matriarch end of the table while he sits next to Kay along the table), CEO of my own home office, COO of the washers, designer of all the rooms, controller of the TV remote (well at least one of the TVs), goodess in that luxurious bath tub….

I am pretty inspired to start a new blog life now.

Some, like my littel angel, believes that there are unicorns that lived above the rainbow.  The unicorns only gets to go home when the rainbow appears, most time after the rain, so patiently this beautiful legendary animal wait for the storm to be over and the rain to stop, when they could hop on to the rainbow and get home.     

Hi! I am not a story teller.  Not even close; but I have a lot of influence from my 2-year old.  I try to go where she goes and imagine what she would imagine and I can only tell you it is a wonderful experience.

So you gathered I am a mother to a beautiful 2-year old girl.  I am also the mother to a gentle 6-year old fury boy; grumpy wife to an amazing and very supportive husband; a domineering sister; an over caring daughter; and a long winded friend to some.  I adore quilt work, the food network channel and I love cooking but I have no techniques except I am pretty good in following recipes.  I also love designer handbags.  My favourite accessories are necklaces and watches.  Despite I am vain, I don’t wear makeup and I seldom dress up.  I love bagel with poached egg, Starbuck, Genmaicha, Sophie Kinsella, Disney, Anthropologie, and farmer markets.  I don’t have green fingers.  My childhood dream was to be a fashion model.  I hope I have bigger breasts.  If I were a millionaire, I would quit my job and learn photoshop.  My Myers Briggs profile says I am an ISTJ.  

If you are any of the above, then you are definitely at the right place.  Read on!


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