Just last year around this time I was preparing to start my first job in Canada and was complaining about the cold weather.  Click here for my old post. 

We had a summer that felt like the winter and fall that almost non-existence and when I said non-existence I mean a season that didn’t feel or look like fall.  Not only it was extremely chilly, tree leaves hardly had the opportunity to look beautiful turning yellow, orange and red before they fell off.  Winter gears were already out by September.  

This year, however, is the total opposite of last year.  This year’s summer seems to be fairly long and moving into Fall tomorrow, our temperature is still above 20C which is at least 6 to 8C above the seasonal average.  I am definitely not complaining because it feels so good to still be able to walk around in T-shirt in the late afternoon. 

Look at our weather forecast and check out this Sunday.  The temperature is at a high of 27C and a sun-sun-sunny day!  What a great way to welcome fall eh?

…..and I am determined to be out with my camera this weekend snapping the colors of fall, so stay tuned!


Play Your Job!

” If you are working for a living, you DO your job.

If you like what you are doing, you PLAY your job.”

– by milkitchen inspired by her daughter’s recent vocab development.

Kay was at home with me full time for the last two weeks.  I have to negotiate with her everyday to play alone and let mommy work for a couple of hours.  Sometimes she said she likes to work too and her jobs are coloring, building blocks and putting the puzzles together.  When daddy is home, Kay told daddy ” I go play with my jobs now, ok?” and I guess she is right, playing is her “job” as a kid.

Play your jobs!

Would it be nice if we all get to play with our jobs everyday?  

Not a bad mindset for the ZZZ generation. 😉