“This one no good!”

Spring officially arrived last Sunday (March 21).  Having said that, it sure doesn’t feel like Spring with the temperature still hovering between -3C to 3C for the last one week.  Kay was down with cold last weekend so on Sunday, before we went outdoor, I wanted to put on another sweater for her.  I looked into her closet and took out one of her fall sweaters – a navy blue sweater with flower prints on the chest.

This one no good woh....

My little one stood next to me “supervising” what mommy has picked out for her and as I was pulling out her sweater she said “This one no good!!” Then, she took it from my hand and chuck it back into the closet.  

My two-year old, who said she is innocent? 😛


Wardrobe Disaster

I am starting work next week.  After 8 months being a stay-home mom, I am more than ready to go back to work. Except my wardrobe.  I need to travel for my first week of work.  The pressure getting warm business clothing is on because our weather has just fast forwarded to Fall in the state of Alberta.   Fall doesn’t start until September 22 (next Wednesday) but since early this week temperature are already down to the single digit during the day and dipped below zero overnights.  Not only that, we also have some snowfall today and frost warning for tomorrow morning.  Summer seems to be long gone, furnaces are already running at homes and it really feels like winter now.  Brrrrr…..  

So for my business trip next week, let’s see what I am missing in my wardrobe.  I need 

  1. a warm and professional-looking coat 

    Love this coat from Soia & Kyo


2. a few pairs of thick business pants

Wool pants

3. a few pairs of tights

Tights - not because it is sexy but an essential in a cold weather like this

4. a pair of formal and comfortable leather boots

Nice boots and comfortable too?


5.  a pair of leather gloves

Yes to the leather but no thanks to the faux fur. 😀

Kay has a little wardrobe crisis too.  Yesterday, the babysitter told me Kay’s jacket is not thick enough for cold weather like this.  I happened to bought Kay a thicker jacket the same day and I was very happy to let her wear that today only to find out that her hood doesn’t stay on under strong wind.  Grrrr….. Not only that, Kay is missing a toque and a pair of mitten too.  (ha chew!)

Canadian called this hat a "toque"

Isn't this a pair of sweet mittens?

Looks like I am going to break the bank to fix our wardrobe. @.@