Book, Movie and Food

Two things I like to share.

BOOK & MOVIE – Read Along for Eat, Pray, Love (Feb 7 – Mar 7)

Eat Pray Love

I will be having a read along with Jo and Wilfrid between Feb 7 – March 7.   We are going to read “Eat, Pray, Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert and have a virtual discussion about the book, while having pizza and spaghetti. 😀  Then, we are going to do the watch along of the movie made based on this book.  We agreed that we should read the book first before watching the movie.  

This is my first participation in a read along despite I don’t have much time to read.  The very same reason this read along is a good motivation for me to keep on reading.  There is no hard and fast rules for the read-along and no pressure too.  It is totally self pace except it will end on March 7.  

Eat, Pray, Love starring Julia Roberts

Come join us for the read and watch along.  Just drop in to Jo’s blog here to find out more and indicate your interest in the comment.  Jo writes very good book reviews so if you are thinking of a book that you like to read but not sure about it, you might find her reviews helpful.  On the other hand, Wilfrid writes both book and movie reviews and his blog is a good resource too.  Visit Wilfrid’s blog here.

…….and now FOOD – La Casita Inspirada

I stumbled upon Caitlin’s blog a few days ago and found this refreshing and creative bagel recipe.  I love bagel and hers are unique.  Caitlin made her bagel stuffed with cheese, scramble eggs and ham!  They seem easy to make, which is something I appreciate because I am not that good with baking really.   Caitlin takes great pictures for her blog too.  Below are treats to your eyes on the stuffed bagel made by Caitlin.

Stuffed bagel by Cailtlin

Click here to Caitlin’s blog for this and more recipes.

Stuffed bagel by La Casita Inspirada


Waiting List

It is almost a weekly ritual to logon to our local library website to renew or place holds on Barney DVDs for Kay.  The little girl is spoiled with the numbers of Barney DVDs available in our local library.  I did a quick calculation.  If we are borrowing 3 Barney DVDs for Kay every week, it will take her about 2 months to watch all of them….and you know kids at this age, if they like something, they can watch it over and over again.  That means this can go on for a year until Kay develops new interest on other cartoon or children characters. 😀

My hubby, too, has been enjoying the Wii games he borrowed with my library card.  Just last weekend, Kay and I sat on the couch watching him swinging his hands and shaking his butt in front of the TV, playing the Avatar game.  Don’t ask me about shaking his butt, well more like torso, I guess it is just how the game is designed to create more body movements. 🙂

As for me, I have been wondering what I could benefit from the entire wealth of books, DVDs, and materials offer by our local library.  I know Jo and Wilfrid would say: “Duh! Books of course!” but I already have problem finish reading the books I have bought from the library book sales last year and some of the books I have bought for myself during Christmas.  Sometime last month, I borrowed Haruki Murukami’s “Dance, Dance, Dance” for 3 weeks and renewed it for another 3 weeks before returning the book without reading it.  Deep down, I knew I will never be able to read that book in 6 weeks’ time, or even 6 months’ time.  I was just being ambitious and naive to think my clock will suddenly has 48 hours for me to spend in a day  😛 So, I guess book is not the answer for me at this point in time.

Having said that, I did find something that I am very excited about.  Today, I punched in “GLEE” under search.  I jumped like a 16 years old when I saw my search results.  There are GLEE CDs for all sessions and genres and even complete sets of DVDs for the first session of GLEE too!  

Without hesitation I placed a hold on the DVDs.  I didn’t expect the DVDs to be available immediately and I was right.  This is how long I have to wait.

GLEE Session 1 - My "position" on the library waiting list

We can only borrow DVD for a week and will not be able to renew it if someone else has put a hold on the same item, so if my calculator serves me right, that’s about 6.5 weeks of wait time until I get my hands on the DVDs.  That’s not too bad a wait. 

The timing worked out well because it will be right after my “Eat, Pray, Love” (EPL) read-along with Jo and Wilfrid.  😉

Coincidentally, that’s what we called our local library too – EPL (Edmonton Public Library)!