A Bad Day

Yesterday was generally a bad day for me.  For over a week now, Kay has climbed into our bed in the middle of the night, kicking and pushing daddy and mummy to the sides of the bed forming her own little spot in the middle.  Some days, she would cry from her bed demanding either one of us to keep her company in her room.  I am a light sleeper and all these activities going on middle of the nights have affected me the most and I found myself having to wake up at least a few times in the night just to make sure my princess is comfortable and happy whereas my hubby usually just slept through her crying, tossing and kicking.  There is no need for two persons to have sleepless nights anyway.

Then, we had very warm temperature for the last 2 nights.  There was no wind despite we kept our windows opened, so apart from waking up a few times in the middle of the night, it was already difficult to fall asleep to begin with.  The houses here are built with good insulation, from the bitter cold winter.  That means it is “too” efficient in retaining the heat we do not need in summer.  A couple of weeks ago when there was a heat dom at the eastern side of the country which brought the temperature up to 50C at certain cities, the government had to send personnels to check on people’s homes, especially those with elderly, to make sure people is coping with the heat. 

And not sure if it is lack of sleep and concerntration, I fell from the stairs during the day.  Thank god it wasn’t from very high but still it was a hard bump on my lower back and hip that sent the utensils and food I was holding flying.  My knee still hurts now. 😦

At work, I was push around by someone unneccessarily.  This person just decided at the very last minute to change some of his timeline and expect some work to be done by the same day.  I told him unfortunately I have not received the information I need to get the work done….so he sent a follow up email to another person and said “If you can send this through, I wanted this to be done by today.”  The first thing he did was ignoring my turn around time.  He never checked on my availability and just assumed he could get me to do it on the same day.  By 3:45pm, I still have not received anything and he was already asking for updates so I told him I don’t have the information to proceed and it is almost the end of the day so the soonest I could get it out to him is Wednesday.  He shot me back an email and said he can’t wait. 

What I don’t get was he knew I wasn’t the one holding up, so why push me and not the other person.  On top of that, he was the one that just decided to alter the timeline at the very last minute.   At 4pm the person finally said she couldn’t get them out and within a minute he replied and said”  It is OK, we can always do it the next time.”

I was this close in picking up the phone and swear at him on his double standard and if he could wait, why did he tell me he can’t wait??  To handle people like that, his task is now at the most bottom of my to do list.   Sorry too bad!  He can push all he wants and complaint all he wants, I am giving the priority to someone else, someone who deserves it.

Then, my lead is going through this phrase at the moment and it is all showing in her moods.  Most days she is very nice and responsive but lately it is as if like she has given up in her work and becoming very snappy.   Her emails are becoming very rude sometimes and I am dissapointed to see that she has let her moods affect her professional front.  Take a break woman, don’t pass on your bad mood and vibes to others!

And when I wasn’t expecting my in laws to be here yesterday, the door bell rang.  I opened the door and there was my mother in law holding a bag of food.  On Sunday, Nick has specifically told her not to bring us food this week but she did it anyway.  Arrghhh!!  The frustration I had was they are mostly leftover that she just wanted to get rid of.  The portion of each dish was very inconsistent and logic tells me if she is cooking the food fresh with the numbers of people in mind, the estimation of the portion should be there, if not more, like I used to see her cook in her house.  We have also asked her not to bring rice because we could cook them ourselves, but she brought a container of rice anyway which unfortunately is not enough for 3 persons.   Then, all the dishes are spicy which means Kay can’t have them too.  Maaaybe she is just cooking for her son…..I have very often tell others that my mother in law is the most stubborn person I have came across and again and again she has proven me right. 

Traffic yesterday was especially bad.  I spent about 5 minutes trying to cross a junction and I got to the dayhome about 10 minutes late.  The carer wasn’t very happy and said I have caused her to miss her appointment at 515pm and she might have to pay penalty for rescheduling.  On a normal circumstances I would apologize profusely for causing the delay but yesterday something just strike me that she wasn’t telling the truth.  Firstly, she wasn’t even changed for her appointment when I got there at 510pm.  She looked like she just finished her gardening!!  Secondly, how can she get to her appointment within 15 minutes when the kids she take care off are only going home at 5pm. There is no therapy center nearby or next door so nothing that she could get to within 15 minutes….as she was grumbling to me, I just stared at her blankly.  This is another person that I have been very patient with. Every month she takes some time and day off for medical reason.  I try to symphatize and I continue to pay her for the hours she never worked, meantime trying to juggle work and having Kay at home.  Looks like she has taken it for granted so next month onwards, I am going to be very strict too, I will make sure I get credit back for all the hours she hasn’t really done anything.

After we got home, I was already exhausted but I have to cook something for Kay.  I baked some carrots and fish and as I took the tray out from the oven, it nearly slipped so I tried to grip the handle harder and thought of pulling it out quickly when my arm hit the oven’s door and burn myself.  Ouch Wee!!


Well despite the tireness, the fall, the burn, the being push around and being the punch bag, Nick went out with Kay while I was cooking and bought a standing fan.  Not only that, Kay came home with a box of lemon pudding and presented it to me at the door saying “I love you mommy!”

Yeah, there are going to be bad days under the blue sky sometimes but thank god for my lovely family I will survive those days.


How To Create A Relevant Filename for Your Resume

You think this is an easy thing to do?  Think again, please.  At least 50% of the resumes I have came across have very illogical naming conventions.  I thought this would be the first thing they teach in Business Writing 101, if not most of the career guides?  Apparently not.

I am a Recruiter by profession for 15 years (hope this won’t give away too much of my age :P) and I review candidate’s profiles and resumes at work, every single day.  For years I have learned (and unlearned) a lot from the resumes I came across.  From the experience I gathered, I pretty much know what types of resumes would work for a Recruiter and Hiring Manager and what won’t.  I can talk about these experience until the cow comes home but there is just this one thing that I would like to share today – “How To Create A Relevant Filename for Your Resume.”

I am finding myself wanting to share some advice on this topic because I noticed it is the most common mistake made by candidates in their job search process.  All job seekers know that having a good resume is the most crucial first step in their job search.  Everyone wants their resume to be impressive.  Over the years, I have seen alot of improvement on contents of the resumes but it is amazing (or annoying) to see that people have not learned to be smarter in naming their digital resume files.


Do take a vote on the most common resume filenames I have seen…

  1. Resume
  2. MyResume
  3. UpdatedResume
  4. CurrentResume
  5. NewResume
  6. WorkingResume
  7. Resume_(date)
  8. Resume_(position)
  9. Resume_(company’s name)
  10. (Position)
  11. (Month&Year)

The answer is, ALL OF THEM!!

These filenames may be unique in your personal hard disk but it is too generic when it is sitting in someone else’s hard disk that contains hundreds or thousands of resumes.

When you apply for jobs by emailing and uploading your resume onto the employers’ databases, you want your resume to be easily identified and accessible.  Most time your resume will be downloaded together with the rest of the candidates’ resumes, and being reviewed for the same job.  So you want your resumes to be easily search and pull from the Recruiters and Managers mailboxes and folders by making sure that your name is included in the filename.  This is especially important for revisitation of your profile because it is a good sign that your resumes are being looked into again, so you definitely want to make things handy for these people.

Sure that the search engine nowadays are pretty robust but it stills required efforts and time to look up for someone else’ file that are not named appropriately.

You have to remember, you are competing with someone for a job and the competition does not start from the interview process.  It starts from the moment you clicked that “Apply” button.  How you named your files is also a reflection of your attributes.  Do you have a logical thinking?  Are you a detail person? Are you a people person that you are capable to think for others situation instead of yours first?       

So always always include your name as part of the filename and I mean your name spell in full.  If you have a very long name like “Jason William George-Michael White” and you don’t want to include all of them in the filename, always pick the one you go by AND follow by your lastname or sirname.  For example “Jason White_Resume” or “George-Michael White_Resume”.  Don’t use abbrievation or try to challenge others’ memories by naming your file with just one name, like “JWGMW_Resume”, “Jason_Resume” or “White_Resume”.    The chances are they won’t remember your lastname or there may be too many Jason(s) to be able to identify which resume belongs to you.  The abbrievation doesn’t mean anything too even you have the word “resume” as part of the filename.  I also do not find filenames such as “JWhite_Resume” or “JasonW_Resume” helpful.  Sometimes letters that are connected like this might be read as something else and it takes one’s brain a few seconds to search and to relate. 

Also, avoid using your nickname or short name.  If you are William avoid using “Bill” or “Will” on the filename or if you are David avoid using “Dave”.  “Samantha” or “Jonathan” should always spell in full instead of “Sam” or “Jon”.  The naming should be consistent with what you put on your resume.  I am sure you got the idea.           

You may also have different versions of resumes based on the types of roles you are applying for but I would not suggest that you include the job title as part of the filename, not unless you are a very very organize person and you are very sure you will attach or upload the right version of resume everytime.  I have seen candidates that include the position as part of the filename but applied to positions that say something else.  This always create  doubts and confusion to the Managers, especially the two positions are very different in fields.  The best way to help you organize and locate the different versions of resumes  on your hard disk is to save the files in separate folders that named according to the types of jobs or job titles.   Always remember to make things easy for the Recruiters and the Managers. The reality is if you are not naming your files properly, you can hardly expect others to do that for you.  You just have to take your chances of your resumes being missed or tossed by taking such shortcuts. 

The same thing applies to cover letter.  If you are not specific in naming your files, Recruiters or Managers might attached or shared the wrong files.  The end results? Someone else’ profiles will end up being reviewed instead of yours. 

By giving your resume and cover letters more specific and relevant filenames, you help yourself by making things easy for others. Surprisingly, a lot of job seekers don’t understand that so they continued to let their resume buried in the folder with the rest of the files that also yelled “RESUMES!!”.

Hope you will find this topic helpful.  If you are the 50% that take your resume file’s naming conventions seriously, I congratulate you.  If you are the other 50% that never thought of making your filenames more specific, maybe today is a good day to start.

Here is a funny article I came across on File Naming Conventions.  For your reading pleasure. 🙂